Born: 13. Juni 2015


I really like to play and sometimes I destroy something. I know that I shouldn`t do that but it so much fun. But I also like to cuddle with my sister and brother.

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Born: 13. Juni 2015


Please don’t scare me, I`m shy. Luckily I have my big brother Manni and my sister Coco. Though with Coco I sometimes fight, but basically we like each other. In my introduction post you can read more about me and my story.

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Unfortunately, comes sometime the point when the small little paws are going over the rainbow bridge. You can see here who lived with us. Sadly I don`t have so many pictures from my 90`s rats.

Born: 26. August 2013
Died: 10. January 2016

In the beginning I am shy always a little bit, but I can be bribed with pleasure with snacks. To share the pudding is not so great as I imagined, but I`m happy that I`m not alone anymore.

Born: 6. September 2012
Died: 1. April 2015
Hubert liked Knabberinge and pudding a lot and his brothers Max, Remy and Manni.
Born: 16. Oktober 2011
Died: 26. September 2014

Hubert was with an age of 3 years the oldest rats in our house. He was a very happy and loving rat.
Born: 6. September 2012
Died: 12. Mai 2014

Max was very difficult in the beginnig, but he lost his anxieties and lived together with Hubert and Remy. Sadly Max gone to early.


Unforgotten also remain: Otto, Grisu, Flo, Hanni, Maja, Mira, Kaya, Phine, Sisca, Kira, Tobi, Joy, Jolie, Brownie, Emmie, Wolly, Sunny, Lucy