Gesucht und Gefunden #HubertManni

Gesucht und Gefunden #HubertManni

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Hubert and Manni now know each other for a week and the integration has been very peaceful so far. A bit up their hair, on their backs and peeping. But absolutely not aggressive! The two cages stand so that both could see each other from the beginning and the interest was very high. Meanwhile we are on the sofa and in the outlet so far that one must make oneself zero thoughts more. Hubert is finally more active again and after the run out then on the sofa is cuddled for hours and cleaned mutually. I have already experienced many integrations and the two have simply searched and found each other. As soon as I am healthy again (I caught a cold) I will start to integrate Manni into Hubert’s cage. There it can come once again to some scrapping because of the possession claims and the question “Who is the boss here? So it remains exciting, but I expect it to be peaceful.Foto-20.10.14-14-45-34-e1413962755181-820x1093Foto-20.10.14-14-45-45-e1413962724908-820x1093


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