Wie man sich einen Menschen hält

Wie man sich einen Menschen hält


Here are a few situations where rats want to show that they are the boss. I have experienced all situations with several generations of rats and sometimes you get the feeling that you are the pet. If I can think of even more, there may also be a 2nd contribution to the topic.
The thing with the Anknabbern
Apart from little houses and snack bars, rats also make their mark in some textiles or door frames. Especially older rats like to lie on the sofa in a flowing blanket. However, this does not always correspond to their imagination and the tooth is put on. And this also applies to all other textiles. There are rats that prefer certain materials (wood, plastic, fabric, etc.), but you must never be too sure. Even the oldest rat likes to dismantle a blanket within a very short time. My rats therefore usually bed themselves on cheap blankets.
I can’t get out of here
The house in the cage is a safe haven for my rats. Means: If it’s not urgent, I won’t get them out. Well, they both know that! And they just don’t come out when they don’t feel like it and they show it clearly. Hubert and Manni are also too shy to get out of the Käifg on their own. But if there is now a vet appointment, a visit to grandma or it is an emergency and the rascals are sitting in the house, it usually ends in drama and the cage must first be cleaned up again. Oh, I deliberately write house because for the term “little house” it is simply too big (self-built).
Locked up does not mean immediately locked up
As soon as rats know their run out area and feel safe, they look for new discovery possibilities. And that’s why you should never leave rats unattended, even if you’ve removed cables and other hazards (silk has an extra room). Once a rat has discovered a way through a barrier, it tries to go insane. Some even get really angry if you don’t let them. Even if the rat suddenly shows no more interest for this place, she has not forgotten it! That is only a trick! She will try it again!
Before the food one is desired
Yes, I’m afraid so. Especially young rats that are not sooo affectionate are your biggest fan when they are hungry. But if they have been fed, they disappear into their corner and give you a contemptuous look according to the motto “What are you imagining? Leave me alone”. Of course there are also the rats which are very affectionate and just waiting to be allowed to sit on the sofa.
Appointments, night rest? What is that?
Years ago I read in books that rats adapt to the daily routine of humans. Hahahahahah. Not at all. If you have to leave the house in the morning and have zero time, they are standing demanding at the cage door. If snack rings (currently snack trees from DM) do not help as a distraction and there is basically enough food in the cage, then quickly check that the cage is closed and out! Because rats only stop when they get what they want! In this case, as long as they get some attention from their servant, they beg. Um, pardon me, they demand. If you come home in the evening and want to let the abandoned animals into the run, you won’t see a rat soul (provided the food isn’t empty!). It gets really funny when you only have a 1 or 1.5 room apartment (so the cage is not far from the bed) and at night the party in the cage goes on until morning. If you get up once to have a quiet change in the cage and repeat this, you have created a monster! Because now there is deliberately noise! Especially when the rats overslept their evening run. Somehow the excess energy has to be reduced.

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