Goodbye Hubert! #RIP

Goodbye Hubert! #RIP


Unfortunately the time has come again to say goodbye. On Wednesday 1 April 2015 Hubert passed away late in the evening. He became 2 years and 7 months old, had to fight a hindquarters paralysis for one month, but he was still in a good mood until Tuesday. I had just written about it.
Hubert and Manni were still with my grandmother and since the two rats always get lively towards the afternoon, we only noticed that Hubert was weak. In the morning he still ate and drank normally. What was strange, however, was that Manni was also lying in the little house and not in the hammock. Manni is very attached to Hubert and since he has been ill, he always protects him a little. Well, I got Hubert out and didn’t have a good feeling. I have often had experiences with such a situation and then it went downhill quite quickly. First thought was: Off to the emergency veterinarian! But when we had finally found out who was on duty, how to get there by bus and the box was finished, the final fight (as I call it) also began with Hubi. So I took him in my arms, loosely wrapped him in a blanket and stroked him to the end and talked to him. Probably he hardly noticed anything, but anyone who has ever seen a rat dying knows how hard it is to watch.
Meanwhile Manni was in the cage but he searched for it that evening and that day like crazy.
Now I will give Manni, my grandma and myself some time to say goodbye before we start looking for a new roommate. Manni is neutered and if it fits I would also take in 2 new ones, but as written it still takes a bit longer.
06. September 2012 – 01. April 2015

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