Willkommen Ivy & Coco #CocoIvyManni

Willkommen Ivy & Coco #CocoIvyManni


Two rat girls moved in. Coco and Ivy are now about 8 weeks old and we estimate their date of birth to be 13.06.2015. They do not live together with Manni yet, because they still have to grow a bit to defend themselves against Manni. This one is totally happy, but you should always be on the safe side. In the outlet all three have already met and it was exemplary. You could notice how a load of Manni’s shoulders fell because he is no longer alone.
Coco is definitely the more self-confident one and has got used to her hand more than her sister. Ivy will probably need something more until she feels safe. But we give her the time and she has already become a little more trusting. Therefore there are hardly any photos so far. Both of them are still so bustling and you have to be careful that Coco doesn’t escape you.


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