It is time to introduce the inhabitants of the cage here. Today it starts with my big Manni.
Manni moved in in October 2014 and he was already one year old. Unfortunately his 100% exact date of birth is unknown, but he estimated it to be August 26, 2013. Before he moved in with us, he lived a while in the animal shelter and where he was before only he knows. The reason why Manni came to us was actually a sad one. Remy had died in September 2014 and Hubert was lonely. After the complicated integration of Max and Hubert to Remy, I immediately introduced myself to a week-long integration. But I should be surprised, because Hubert and Manni became friends very quickly. What is definitely because Manni is very sociable towards his fellow dogs. In the time I also posted 3 contributions to it: Hello Manni! Hubert & Manni “Gesucht und Gefunden” and Hubert & Manni “Ratten WG”. Although Manni is quite careful in many situations or was better said, he always wanted to discover something new. In his house in the cage there must always be fresh pieces of cloth, which he also throws out “for washing” when they no longer meet his demands.
When I moved to Remscheid in March, Hubert and Manni went on holiday with my grandmother. At the same time Hubert, who was already 2 1/2 at that time, became ill. He got a paralysis of the hindquarters which progressed furiously and died on the evening of 1 April 2015. I wanted to give Manni some time afterwards to come to terms with the loss. However, he had clearly changed, which was also due to the fact that he was very attached to Hubert. He kept withdrawing further and further and when he was outside, he only wanted to cuddle on the sofa and ate out of frustration. The new roommate moved in was clear, but the search took a little longer.
Finally Ivy and Coco moved in. First they moved into a transition cage, because they were still too small for combat weight Manni. Manni is quite big, but he immediately showed a lot of interest. After one / two weeks I started that the three meet on the sofa. Since this happened from all sides without much friction, Coco and Ivy moved in with Manni. Actually only during the day, but when the three lay together in the house and slept they could not be separated anymore. Since then Manni is much more awake and explores again. One notices the difference in age, but Manni is still the boss in the pack.
In September he was very worried when he suddenly limped and had to go to the “infirmary” for a few days. Well he was permanently guarded by me when I was at home and fortunately it healed quickly. About 2/3 weeks ago again a shock. Manni had a cyst and had to be treated. In addition I had posted here yes a contribution (RatWeek “Manni again”). His wound has healed in the meantime and I am glad to have him here every day in the hope that he will get really old. Coco and Ivy help him at least to stay young.

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