Manni again #RatWeek


That it was so quiet the last weeks again, was mostly because Manni was sick again. It turned out that he had a cyst and the healing took some time. The first nights he spent under supervision in my bedroom. Of course he was also under constant supervision during the day. But he missed his sisters so much that I put him back in the cage. Of course with the ok from the vet. In the cage the litter had to be replaced by paper until it healed completely. Fortunately the little ones are hardly interested in the wound and if Manni resists then. However, he is better again with his sisters and meanwhile he climbs and raves again. Well how it makes a over 2 year old rattchen halt so. He could also go on the trip to my grandmother. The three are there very gladly. Probably also because of the tasty snacks ;).
There are secret plans for the family extension. No I do not have a child! There is the thought in the room to expand the group of rats to a total of 4. Since the last integration worked so well nothing could stand in the way of another one. Of course I also think that Manni is no longer the youngest. Therefore if only a somewhat older (approx. 1 year) female comes into question. Ivy and Coco are very wild and with a 3 Manni would probably go crazy. He likes his sisters but there are also points there he has to take action. Somewhat older rats are also lively and active but are still a difference to small ones like Coco and Ivy. However, there are no concrete plans yet. Maybe I hear about an emergency that is looking for a home. But there is one point that still stands in the way. Manni’s wound must have healed completely.

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