Erster Tierarztbesuch #CocoIvyManni

Erster Tierarztbesuch #CocoIvyManni


Last Friday before last it was time. Coco and Ivy had to go to the vet for the first time. It was nothing dramatic but important. All three (Manni was of course also there) always sniffed a bit the last week. That means, I heard a rat sneezing every now and then and who knows about rats knows that a harmless cold can also degenerate. Ivy also had a few small wounds on her back that looked like scratches to me. Manni, who has often seen a vet’s office from the inside, had to go for a dental and general health check. After all, the dear man is already over 2 years old.

There it went with the bus. All three already know that and are accordingly calm in the transport box. Instead of going to grandma, this time they went somewhere else. Arrived in practice, I took the box out of my pocket. The box is always in a bag in autumn/winter to protect the rats from cold, rain etc.. After all, they are spoiled rats. In practice there were 6 (partly big) dogs at the same time and it was accordingly loud. Manni had immediately put on his shocked look. There probably came up memories of his time in the animal shelter. Coco was curious as always and Ivy had hidden somewhere under the Manni. So everything as it was. In the treatment room Manni had to believe it first. He was palpated, which he didn’t like at all, and then he immediately set up his toilet. He is such a Drama Queen ;). Then his teeth were checked as well as his nose and ears. Result: Except for the fact that he ate a bit too much, he is healthy. Which is really nice at his age. The thing with the weight was already known. It seems that he has problems with his metabolism and hormones because he is neutered. He also has a white coat and these rats tend to be overweight.
Then followed Coco. She was also palpated, but was quite calm. She is very open-minded and was surprisingly relaxed. She is absolutely healthy. The nose is dry and the eyes also look good.
The last one was Ivy. We had to find them under all the blankets in the box ;). She was absolutely not amused. She didn’t like the listening and feeling. For her wounds she got a remedy on the skin, which distributed itself and minimized the itching. Also her nose and ears showed no signs of a cold. Probably the three had to sneeze because of dust and so on. This can happen quickly with litter in the cage.

After the veterinarian visit we went to our grandmother. This lives quasi on the way and of course the three were allowed to let off steam and there was tasty food. Manni was a bit angry with me, but then calmed down quite quickly. After visits to the vet he can be quite resentful. Yesterday I went to the vet again with Ivy.  It was her very first solo trip and she was amazingly tough at the vet. Which is very untypical for her and I am proud of her. Nevertheless she was visibly happy when she returned home with her siblings. For the time being this was also her last visit to the vet. If none of the three gets sick, Manni doesn’t have to go again until February. Then he becomes 2 1/2 and is checked through. For some that may be exaggerated, but from experience I know the regular check-ups that life of a rat can extend quite. If you have been keeping rats for many years, you may recognize signs of disease rather than total Laein, but only a veterinarian can really tell what is going on. I can warmly recommend the practice of Dr. Horst Sieg here in Remscheid. Very nice team and competent advice.


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