Goodbye Manni! #RIP

11. January 2016


Actually Manni’s review of the year 2015 was planned for Sunday. However, everything on Sunday morning came differently than planned. Manni passed away on the night of Sunday. When can I not say exactly. The evening before he was still on as usual. So as lively as a rattlet at his age is and he was eaten as always. He cuddled in the evening still with me under the cover and it was as said everything normal. Because I was very very tired I had brought him then around 23Uhr again in the cage. From today’s view I could slap myself for it! Why didn’t I stay up even longer, why didn’t I leave him with me any longer or why didn’t I let him stay with me right away? Questions that you ask yourself and that really drive you crazy. But could you really have prevented something? Probably not because of his age of about 2 years and 5 months it can be good that his heart just stopped. On Sunday morning my first course is always to the rat cage. Sleepy and full of plans for Sunday I open the cage and see Manni in the back corner. Sometimes the three are already waiting at the door but since Coco and Ivy were still asleep, I didn’t think anything further at first and tried to wake Manni up. But he was cold and didn’t react. Like in shock I took him out and put him in a blanket. There was no rigor mortis. I checked his heart and breathing. Nothing. I was as if in shock and only the thought jumped around me in my head: “That can’t be true now!!!!! Manni!!! My big Manni!! I immediately called my grandmother, whom I always call in such situations.

After the first shock was over, I got Coco and Ivy out of the cage. Both were disturbed by their proportions. Manni was her big brother, her protector and he was the boss. Manni was always open-minded towards other species (also strangers) and also people. He had such a big heart that I seldom experienced it with rats. He literally knocked you down when you knew him. He loved to watch Netflix or TV under the blanket in the evening and enjoy a delicious snack. Especially when he got older. He experienced the whole moving time and also had to cope with the loss of Hubert. Manni leaves a huge gap in our hearts and we will all miss him very much. But we will never forget him! He is simply too much our manni for that.


26. August 2013 – 10. Januar 2016

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