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Coco and Ivy are back!

15. October 2016

We are back after almost a year. The time was hard after Manni’s death and it took a time to heal. But a lot happend since then.

Ivy had a tumor surgery and Coco visited the vet a few times, because she had a cold. This summer Ivy had an uterus infection and the surgery, where the vet will remove her uterus, will be in the end of October. Coco is sick at the moment. She had some seizures the last weeks and the vet think that it’s maybe epilepsy. Next week we know more.

We originally planed to adopt a new rat after Manni’s death, but there was no good moment with all these illnesses. It’s still planned, but it could take until December.

But besides all these problems we will take a new start here on this blog. It took a while until I knew what I will post here and what on my blog The plan is to post personal stuff and about things like food, cage etc. here. On you can read post about rats, for people who don’t know a lot about rats or nothing. There are a lot prejudice out there about rats, and its time to straighten up. My rats are a big part of my life and it doesn’t feel right to remove them from my blog. It will be the same with Instagram and Youtube, but at the moment I post more videos on my youtube channel tallularue.



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