I’m Ivy and I live here with my sister Coco and our human mom since over a year. And its time that I write a bit who I’m.

I have a black and white furr with a little line on my forehead. It wasn’t easy for my when we came here. All these new sounds and this hand. This hand scared my at first and I bit. I’m still a bit easily startled, but now I know thats the hand of our human mom and she is ok. I’m really careful and it takes a time until I trust humans I don’t know, but with a snack I’m a sweet rattie. But I don’t eat so much like my sister Coco!

I don’t have a problem with other rats. When we came here, we met Manni. He was so big, but I knew he had a good heart and we became friends immidiatly. I was happy to have a big brother now. It was an awsome time! Especially when we cuddled. But then came the night I will never forget. Manni didn’t feel good. In a way which scared Coco and me and we hid in the sputnik. When our mom came to wake us up in the morning, she was very shocked. She found Manni dead in the cage. The evening before he was totally fine. No sign of illness. It broke our heart. After she found him and took care of him. We drove to our mom’s grandma and we could run and play. We needed that timeout. We will never forget Manni!

A few months later I went with our mom to a house with foreign people. They sad that they need to operieren (which means operate). Then mom left me their and they removed a tumor under my arm. I was scared and irritated by the stitches, so I removed them. Not a could idea!!! I got staples after that. The days after the surgery I was alone to heal, but I missed Coco so much that mom allowd her to come up. I took 10 day until everthings was healed. This summer my stomach hurt and I bleeded. I had an uterus infection and it unfortunatly came back. Mom talks about OP (surgery). Oh no.

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