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6. March 2017

A lot has changed since the last post here. Unfortunately many sad events too, which is why it took so long until it finally goes on here. But we now look positively into the future, but more about that later.

First I have to announce that Coco and Ivy are deceased. If you follow my Instagram account (thesjuli), you probably already know. Coco died in December of a brain tumor and Ivy died in February after a long illness (respiratory tract). Both are unfortunately not very old and I had not expected to lose them so early.

But where a path ends, a new one begins. And so Mika and Fin came to us. They are about one year old and have settled in quickly. For a short time they also met Ivy and Mika was very enthusiastic about her. But now the boys are alone again and more than 2 rats belong to a real pack. Therefore 2 castrated bucks move in in the next days, which were rescued together with Mika and Fin. It remains therefore exciting. Because the next step is the integration and perhaps they recognize themselves again.

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