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Say Hi! to Lou & Simba

It’s been two months since Lou and Simba moved in here. Lou and Simba now live together with Mika and Fin. The integration took longer because Mika had an abscess which had to heal first. All 4 are neutered.

Simba is the shy one of the new ones. He needs something until he defrosts and has the annoying habit to cover his fresh food with paper. He enjoys being stroked and cuddled very much. Lou, on the other hand, is very wild, puts on a lot and lies down very fast on his back. He is also the smallest of the pack (Fin is almost twice his size). But as I said, his size he compensates with his character.

It is still unusual to have 4 rat-boys in the cage. The small ones are now about 10 months old and the big ones 1 year and 5 months. So if there is no serious illness in between, everyone still has many months of time together.

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