Goodbye Fin

3. July 2018

Writing this post today feels absolutely sureal. Fin left us this evening at 18:50 on 19.06.2018. In my last update post I had already announced that the last months were not easy for the little guy. It all started at the end of March when Fin got an abscess on one foot. It healed partially, but destroyed his foot and so the only way to save Fin was an amputation. A high risk that even our vet didn’t believe that Fin alone would survive the surgery. However, he has like a champion and one day later he was already nibbling on the box again. Everything healed and the last two months he had a few bad days and he had to learn to walk on three paws, but he was always our fin who held his head up and looked positive into the world. Fin was an absolute inspiration and everything felt a bit like a miracle. But last week I noticed a change. Fin wanted to sleep more and was somehow grumpy. But that calmed down again and on Sunday he was himself again. Yesterday evening, I was actually on my way to bed, but I had the urge to look after him again. This inner voice which made itself worry. And indeed, when I got him out of the cage he had less body tension, his eyes were at half-mast and he was not really there. I immediately took him on my arm and expected that he could leave us at any moment, so badly was he. Since his breathing was conspicuous, but he has no infection, I suspect that his heart could be the trigger. He hardly wanted to eat or not eat at all and only drank drop by drop. But he made it through the night and through the day. And in between it looked so good that we had the hope that he would box his way through. But unfortunately this was not so. Fin fell asleep peacefully in my arms. Simba and Lou have noticed that something is not right, but they will understand it probably only in the next days properly.

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