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The New Girls

After a year without rats, the time has come! 2 little ladies have moved in and soon there will be more. Fleur (black /white) and Luna (black) are 4 months old and lively little rats. Fleur is definitely the braver one. She runs around like crazy and already trusts my hand a little, especially when she gets snacks. Luna on the other hand is very shy. She always watches what her sister is doing and if you talk to her calmly she shows her climbing talent. Both of them will surely make a mess in the future. But I give them both their time, which is why there are only photos with cage grids. In the last 48 hours alone both have made great progress and settled in their new home. But it is only a stopover at grandma’s until my apartment is fully renovated.

More about Fleur and Luna can be found on the residents page and on Instagram. And of course here on the blog.

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