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Ups… this break wasn’t planned

8. July 2022

Hi! Do you still know us? When not, its ok! Its been a hell of a time since we last posted here. Floofs came and went (sadly) and now there are 10 living here. We are still in the middle of intros and in a big chaos. When you follow Mess & Rats, you may know that our beloved Oma passed away in April and that this means a huge change in our lives. I want to use this post for a short recap. The page is still under construction, and it could take a while until we updated everything. We are also on TickTok now!

So what happened? Since our last post, Dino came to the group and sadly passed away in February of 2021. Then in August 2021 Maple, Queen Rosie, Jill and Pixie joined us with just 6 weeks old. Then in January 2022 LilM and Flin, our two boys came to us. Sadly Fleur passed away in the same month. Oma was very sad back then. In April short before Oma passed, Melodie came to us as a very shy and scared Floof (she is way more confident now). And in July 2022, this week, came Ava and Sophie to us. You will soon see all their Birthdays and so, on the Residents Page. Hopefully with good pictures.

At the moment Melodie, Ava and Sophie are already living together. We will continue the intro with the other 5 girls in the next days. And then the boys will follow. We had to wait, so that their won’t be babies.

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