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Hello! We are back!

It’s been over a year since the last post. Much too long and how many can imagine, much has happened in this time. I thought long and hard about which posts would end up here and which ones on my…


Goodbye Fin

Writing this post today feels absolutely sureal. Fin left us this evening at 18:50 on 19.06.2018. In my last update post I had already announced that the last months were not easy for the little guy. It all started at…


Say Hi! to Lou & Simba

It’s been two months since Lou and Simba moved in here. Lou and Simba now live together with Mika and Fin. The integration took longer because Mika had an abscess which had to heal first. All 4 are neutered. Simba…


What happened?

A lot has changed since the last post here. Unfortunately many sad events too, which is why it took so long until it finally goes on here. But we now look positively into the future, but more about that later.…


Coco and Ivy are back!

We are back after almost a year. The time was hard after Manni’s death and it took a time to heal. But a lot happend since then. Ivy had a tumor surgery and Coco visited the vet a few times,…


Goodbye Manni! #RIP

Actually Manni’s review of the year 2015 was planned for Sunday. However, everything on Sunday morning came differently than planned. Manni passed away on the night of Sunday. When can I not say exactly. The evening before he was still…


Erster Tierarztbesuch #CocoIvyManni

Last Friday before last it was time. Coco and Ivy had to go to the vet for the first time. It was nothing dramatic but important. All three (Manni was of course also there) always sniffed a bit the last…



It is time to introduce the inhabitants of the cage here. Today it starts with my big Manni. Manni moved in in October 2014 and he was already one year old. Unfortunately his 100% exact date of birth is unknown,…


Ratten. Wie alles begann

I got my first rat about 20 years ago. At that time I lived together with my mother with my grandmother after the separation of my parents. My mother could never do much with pets, except that they look cute…


Manni again #RatWeek

That it was so quiet the last weeks again, was mostly because Manni was sick again. It turned out that he had a cyst and the healing took some time. The first nights he spent under supervision in my bedroom.…


Waiting Coco

Coco is waiting for her late night snack after a busy day destroying her house. #Coco


Snack Time

I have a snack after this burning medicine. #Manni


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