Goodbye Fin

Writing this post today feels absolutely sureal. Fin left us this evening at 18:50 on 19.06.2018. In my last update post I had already announced that the last months were not easy for the little guy.

What happened?

A lot has changed since the last post here. Unfortunately many sad events too, which is why it took so long until it finally goes on here.

Manni again #RatWeek

  That it was so quiet the last weeks again, was mostly because Manni was sick again. It turned out that he had a cyst and the healing took some time.

The new Rattenpfötchen #RatLittlePaws

Es wird hier große Veränderungen geben auf Rattenpfötchen. Im Grunde ändert sich das ganze Konzept. Die “fachlichen” Themen wandern komplett auf meinen anderen Blog tallularue und alles rund um Manni, Coco und Ivy gibt es hier.