Dead Rat Pose
World Championships 2020
the voting
The 2nd running of the greatest spectacle in floofing!
Welcome to the voting for the Dead Rat Pose World Championships for 2020. This year sees a greatly expanded series ob rategories as floofs from a cross the Earff and the RainbowBridge compete for glory and fame. Ebery floof was inbited to enter for their chance to be crowned the DRPWC for 2020!!
Voting Rules

The 2020 DRP WC will have two phases of voting this year!

During Phase I you will be voting for a winner in each of the selected Rategories outlined on the voting page.




Phase II sees all the Rategory winners battle it out for the DRP World Championship! All votes are reset for Phase II, with the higest vote-getter being crowned DRP WC 2020.

The next highest vote-getters in the non-WC winning Dibishuns will be declared the respective Dibishun Champions!


Voting will be open until December 30, 2020 at Midnight Central European Summer Time [CEST]



See the Autumn Flow Rat Club FB page for all your DRP WC 20 news and updates!