Geboren: 09. Juli 2016

More coming soon!

Posts from me  and  Posts about me


Geboren: 09. Juli 2016

More coming soon!

Posts from me  and  Posts about me


Unfortunately, comes sometime the point when the small little paws are going over the rainbow bridge. You can see here who lived with us. Sadly I don`t have so many pictures from my 90`s rats.

Born: 13. Juni 2015
Died: 5. December 2016
I really like to play and sometimes I destroy something. I know that I shouldn`t do that but it so much fun. But I also like to cuddle with my sister and brother.

Born: 13. Juni 2015
Died: 11. February 2017
Please don’t scare me, I`m shy. Luckily I have my big brother Manni and my sister Coco. Though with Coco I sometimes fight, but basically we like each other. In my introduction post you can read more about me and my story.

Born: 26. August 2013
Died: 10. January 2016
In the beginning I am shy always a little bit, but I can be bribed with pleasure with snacks. To share the pudding is not so great as I imagined, but I`m happy that I`m not alone anymore.

Born: 6. September 2012
Died: 1. April 2015
Hubert liked Knabberinge and pudding a lot and his brothers Max, Remy and Manni.

Born: 16. Oktober 2011
Died: 26. September 2014

Hubert was with an age of 3 years the oldest rats in our house. He was a very happy and loving rat.

Born: 6. September 2012
Died: 12. Mai 2014

Max was very difficult in the beginnig, but he lost his anxieties and lived together with Hubert and Remy. Sadly Max gone to early.

Unforgotten also remain: Otto, Grisu, Flo, Hanni, Maja, Mira, Kaya, Phine, Sisca, Kira, Tobi, Joy, Jolie, Brownie, Emmie, Wolly, Sunny, Lucy

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