Hello! We are back!

It’s been over a year since the last post. Much too long and how many can imagine, much has happened in this time. I thought long and hard about which…

Goodbye Fin

Say Hi! to Lou & Simba

What happened?


¬†Hello! I’m Ivy and I live here with my sister Coco and our human mom since over a year. And its time that I write a bit who I’m. I…

Coco and Ivy are back!

Goodbye Manni! #RIP

Erster Tierarztbesuch #CocoIvyManni


It is time to introduce the inhabitants of the cage here. Today it starts with my big Manni. Manni moved in in October 2014 and he was already one year…

Ratten. Wie alles begann

Manni again #RatWeek

Waiting Coco